Nasa Istra - Rural House

GRGURINČlĆl - 800 m, "Kolinasi" tavern

ROČ - 1,5 km, post office, grocer's, supermarket, butcher's, mill, coffee shop, restaurant...
It is situated on the hill, full of rich history, today declared and protected as a historical monument of special importance (mediaeval walls, Roman collection of stone monuments, 3 churches, ...) 5 km from Roč there is a tourist spot and Saint Thomas church as well as some other mediaeval ruins (Crni grad (Black town), Beli grad (White town)), south of Roč (2 km) there are some archeological finding of a Roman village from 5lh century.

HUM - 6 km, tavern, gallery. It is the smallest town in the world (22 inhabitants). The road between Roč and Hum is known as the Alley of Glagolitic priests and is the unique memorial to Glagolitic alphabet and Glagolitic priests (11 stone monuments)

KOTLI - 5 km, tavern, recently discovered by tourists, situated on the river Mirna, waterfalls and pools in limestone. Go or a swim in the river, enjoy the nature, have a walk...

BUZET - 8 km, surgery, post office, supermarket, shops and other facilities of the town with — inhabitants. Well-known tourist spots nearby are Raspadalica (extreme sports camp) and Žbevnica.

SEASIDE - Opatija, Rabac, Poreč, Umag - all within 30 min by car.

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